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Our Story ::

Teamotions story is about hope, health, and of course, tea!

As sisters, Crystal and I have been together our entire lives. That much life has created an irreplaceable bond between us. We’ve been through everything together including the wonderful, ordinary, and crazy. We’ve also been there for each other during the most difficult times of our lives, the times where there were no right words nor easy solutions, just love and warm tea.

Crystal and Rachel

(Crystal & Rachel)

After the deaths of my twin daughters I relied on love and warm tea more than ever. Crystal visited me regularly to show her support yet we often sat in silence, neither of us knowing quite what to do or say. My broken heart was wearing on me emotionally and physically and Crystal could tell. One day she squeezed in next to me in my big brown armchair while I cradled yet another cup of tea and said, "I wish there was something we could put in your tea to make you feel better."

That one sentence sparked a remarkable idea in our heads and hearts. We were inspired to invent the first and only line of teas for emotional well-being. We believed we could take tea to a whole new level by creating wellness blends that support the whole person; mind, body, and soul. And so we did! Each one of our remarkable teas offers physical, mental, and emotional benefits in each delicious cup. By including adaptogen herbs in every blend, Teamotions' line of award-winning teas support, comfort, and strengthen with every sip. Used for centuries and backed by science, adaptogens are stress-fighting herbs that help boost immunity, improve the body's response to all types of stress, restore calm and balance, and foster well-being in every way.

We spent over a year developing each of our all-natural, hand-crafted, whole leaf teas, sourcing the finest ingredients to create the most effective and delicious tea blends possible. They are beautiful, delicious, and effective.

We invite you to use Teamotions to cultivate well-being every day and support your mind, body, and soul with every sip.

(Rachel and Crystal with their 1st place award at the World Tea Championship)